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Knowing Our King | Colossians 4:11 | Called Justus

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Col 4:11  And Jesus, which is called Justus, who are of the circumcision. These only are my fellowworkers unto the kingdom of God, which have been a comfort unto me.

We know the least about this man named Justus. He is likely the same Justus whose house was joined to the synagogue in Corinth. If that be the case then Paul had been previously helped and comforted by this man. Acts 18 tells us that after Paul had been rejected by many of the Jews in Corinth this man Justus had opened up his house for the Apostle. It was while Paul was here with this man that Crispus, the Chief Ruler of the Synagogue, and his family were saved and God encouraged Paul to stay and preach in Corinth and He did for a year and a half. We can’t be sure if he stayed in Justus’s house for the entire year and a half but we can be sure that at a very disappointing time in the Apostle's life he had found a fellow worker unto the Kingdom and comforter. Although we can’t be sure our verse today is speaking of the same Justus from Acts 18 we can be sure they both match the description of “Fellow worker unto the Kingdom” and “Comforter.”

What we know to be true as well is that Justus was more of a title than a name, his name was Jesus but he was called Justus. They said this was a title given to men of outstanding character. It seems that God was more concerned with us knowing the character of this man than his identity. “A good name is rather to be had than great riches.” We will be remembered by man and judged by God not by the name we were given but by the name we established while we lived here on earth. 

Jesus, which is called Justus, may be a bit of a mystery to us but we can rest assured he is not a mystery to God. His name among these other names proves to us one thing; That God has not forgotten the unknowns. Even a cold glass of water given in his name will be remembered. God is interested in the small ministers as well as the big and even if our title isn’t Apostle, Pastor, Evangelist, Missionary, Preacher, or choir leader it can be “Justus.”

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