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Loving our Lord | Song of Solomon 2:14

Song of Solomon 2:14

O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely.

Solomon is still speaking in verse 14 and refers to his beloved as a dove hiding in the rocks and the secret places of the stairs. He is desirous to see here, "Let me see thy countenance," and He wants to hear her, "Let me hear thy voice." To him, her voice is sweet and her countenance is comely, that is beautiful.

He uses a pet name as often lovers do with one another. We call our loved ones honey, baby, darling, and such. He uses dove, which was typical for that time, but there is more to this name than just the period in which it was spoken. He calls her dove and this is speaking of her timid nature. It seems that she has gone into hiding and he is calling her out of the dark crevices of her rock and out of the hiding place she has retreated to. If you have ever been in a relationship you know there are ups and downs, sometimes you are the pursuer and sometimes you have to be pursued. In Chapter 2 it seems that Solomon is doing most of the pursuing but we will find in Chapter 3 she is having to pursue him. Why she is being so timid we can't know but Her beloved is calling her out, I want to see you, I want to hear you, to me you are the sweetest voice and most beautiful sight.

Our Heavenly Solomon calls for us. We can find a million reasons for his beauty but we wonder how he could find any beauty at all in us, but don't let this wonder turn to doubt. Be sure He loves you with an everlasting love. We are indeed beautiful to him, not because of our perfections but because He perfects us. He can see what we will be when we are "Presented faultless before his glory."[Jude 1:24] Our imperfections may be a cause of our timidity at times from our beloved. When I and my wife were dating she didn't want to come out of the house to see me unless she had put on makeup and made herself presentable, despite my attempts to tell her she was beautiful enough without the makeup. I didn't care if she had on makeup and the nicest dress she had or if I had caught her off guard and she was in her sweat-pants and a t-shirt, I was in love with her no matter how she looked or what she was wearing, I wanted to hear her voice, I wanted to see her face, I wanted to commune with her and didn't want to wait all day about it either.

How many times have we been too timid to talk to our Lord, we remembered the faults and failures we have had, we remember the times that we failed him, and all our imperfections flood our mind and we don't feel worthy to even speak to him. This was my case, especially as a young Christian, I felt as if I couldn't pray, I couldn't present myself to him because of my imperfections, even though He longed to fellowship with me. We attempt to put a layer of makeup over our faults and it makes us feel better about ourselves, be sure he loves you with or without your layer's self-approval. He loves you when you do good and he loves you when you have failed. Your voice is sweet to him, you are beautiful to him because he sees you through the eyes of his unconditional love. He sees you as the bride that will stand faultless before him in Glory, the one he died for, was risen for and you are the one for which he intercedes for in heaven now. So, "let him see your countenance," "let him hear your voice." No matter how you feel about yourself, fall down in prayer and commune with him, open up the word, and commune with him. You will find that his voice is sweet and his presence is wonderful and it was you who needed to see and hear him more than he needed to see and hear you. Don't let this morning pass you by without heading to his call "let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice."

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