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Morning Manna | 1 Chronicles 12:38 | To make David King

1 Chronicles 12:38

38 All these men of war, that could keep rank, came with a perfect heart to Hebron, to make David king over all Israel: and all the rest also of Israel were of one heart to make David king.

First Chronicles chapters 11-12 give us an account of the mighty men that served their king through thick and thin. We too are "soldiers of Jesus Christ." We are not fighting for a King who sits on a throne in Jerusalem, but we are fighting for a King who will soon sit on the throne in Jerusalem. We are fighting in a war that is not waged between nations but kingdoms, the Kingdom of God and the King of Satan. This war is bloodier than all wars past, present, and future combined. It is not fought over the export or import of goods, but over the souls of men and the Glories of God, things that cannot be measured by earhtly measurements of worth. Here we have a record that the Holy Spirit has kept for the service of these men to their King and so will all those who fight valiantly for Jesus be remembered and rewarded accordingly.

Our Verse says these are "Men of war." These were not weak or effeminate men, neither were they sinful and rash men, they once were but as time went on we see that they became more like their captain, David. Most of these men joined him long before he sat on the throne, some in the cave of Adullam, others in Ziklag, and others were added while David ascended to the throne. They were at one time outlaws, we don't know much about their lives before they started serving David except that they were distressed, discontented, and in debt[1Sa 22:2 ]. But now we see they aren't men hiding in a cave but men of war, contending for their king. So it is with us, we are made into warriors, when we first came to Christ we were distressed, discontented, and in debt but look how he has transformed us into men of war. Many of the things these mighty men did remind us of some of the mighty things their captain did.  Benaiah slew a lion like his Captain David had, and he slew an Egyptian with his own Spear, much like David slew Goliath with his own spear. It seems that they picked up on their captain's tactics and over time began to war like him. Likewise, as we serve Christ we begin to take on his characteristics. He forgave so we forgive, he fought unrighteousness with righteousness, he fought lies with truth, and so do we, He overcame so we overcome. 

Another interesting story shared in these verses is when 3 of these men risked their very lives for the longing of David's heart. David longed for a drink from the well of Bethlehem and they broke through enemy lines, risked it all to bring their king a drink from the well. David refused to drink it but poured it out unto the LORD. So do we need mighty men willing to risk it all for the desires of the Savior's heart. He looked on the multitudes and was moved with compassion, He wept over Israel do we think he has changed how he feels about sinners? "It is not his will that any should perish but all should come to repentance." "He would have all men everywhere to be saved!" "Christ Jesus Came into the world to save Sinners!" There have been men who have looked at the Savior weeping over the unrepentant, moved with compassion over the multitudes, and have broken past enemy lines, into the jail houses, the school houses, the jungles, and the cities to bring the souls of men to the foot of Calvary. Paul gave up his life to preach the gospel as most of the other Apostles. Oh, that men would present themselves and living sacrifice for our Lord, it is our reasonable service. 

Our verse today reveals another quality of mighty men. They could keep rank, that is one was not trying to usurp the other, why? Because they were not trying to exalt themselves, they were all united in one purpose, "To make David King over all Israel." Here is the chief trait of a mighty man, to make Jesus King. A mighty man is too busy exalting Jesus to exalt himself. If Jesus is exalted by another then he joys and rejoices, because His king is exalted [Php 1:18]. Herein lies one of the largest problems in our ranks at this moment: Self-exaltation. We are angered when another man is preferred or promoted above us, why? Because our hearts are set on making self king, instead of Jesus. Oh that we could keep rank under this common goal, to make Jesus King.

When mighty men are united in exalted the King, then "All the rest also" will be of one heart to make him King. These men were influential in David's ascension to the throne and by their mighty acts of faith and valor the rest of Israel was emboldened to make him King as well. I have read of Carey, Judson, Saint and Elliot, Paul and Peter, and countless other mighty men who have lived to Make Jesus King and it has been by their testimony that others have endeavored to do the same. William Carey was a cobbler, Spurgeon was uneducated, Moody was a Shoe salesman, and Adoniram Judson was an atheist and God took these men who were distressed, discontented, and in debt and changed them into men who determined to make Jesus King. Dear friend, if David can mold a group of miscreants into warriors who win the hearts of the people for the King then how much more can Jesus do with us? He can take the most in debt, distressed and discontented, and mold them into a man who wins thousands of hearts to the King. 

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