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Morning Manna | 1 Chronicles 22:16 | Arise therefore, and be doing

1 Chronicles 22:16

16 Of the gold, the silver, and the brass, and the iron, there is no number. Arise therefore, and be doing, and the LORD be with thee.

David wanted to build a house for the Lord, it was for that desire that God said he would build David a house in 2 Samuel 7. David's hands were too bloody to build the Lord a house but Solomon was "a man of rest" and more suited for the task. David's hands were bloody and he wasn't innocent, but Israel was engulfed in wars and David had to be a warrior, it was what duty called for in his day. Near the end of his life, he began to gather supplies for the temple that his son would build. This chapter gives a list of many of the materials gathered for the work, and when Solomon took the throne there would be no excuses for why the temple should not be built. David had gathered, materials, workers, and all that was needed. 

Our verse today could be just as well applied to us in the church. Our heavenly King Jesus while on this earth secured the church, he set the foundation with the Apostles and prophets and now we are built on their foundation with Jesus Christ as the Chief Cornerstone. Jesus told us while on this earth, "Greater works than these ye shall do because I go unto my father." Christ came and won the victory over death, hell, and the grave, securing "all spiritual blessings" and no there is no lack of the riches of his grace. Of the mercy of God, there's no number, of the forgiveness of God there is no number, of the love of God there is no number, of his power there is no limit, according to Ephesians 1 we have received "all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus." Arise, therefore! Why are we sitting on our hands when there is work to be done? What place has idleness when God bids us work, go, give, and preach? Look at all he has afforded you and go on in faith in the promises of God. Solomon had the wealth of Israel backing his project, but dear friend we have the wealth of heaven at our disposal if it is heaven's work we are engaged in. 

Then we must see the reason work can be done, "The LORD be with thee." greater than all the riches in Israel's storehouse, was the God of all power, and all wisdom. The Architect of the universe was the project manager and Solomon was just the foreman. What plans have you made? What ministries have you built? Who designed them? Are they the best you could do, or were they born of God and operate in the power of God? If God be with thee and the riches of heaven be backing you then the work will without a doubt be spectacular. Solomon was building an actual temple with actual riches, but you and I are not engaged in physical work or a physical building, nor in a physical Kingdom, although there are some physical aspects. We are not promised physical riches but we are blessed with all spiritual blessings. If your work for our lord seems to be poor and lacking in all the tapestry of some other men be not discouraged, our Lord never had a church building, nor a ministry headquarters. He never even had a mode of transportation, nor his own home, but his kingdom was built in the hearts of men, and so it is today. Arise therefore, and be doing. Our king is looking for Hearts to lodge in, not walls. He is looking for souls, not dividends, if you never have the riches of this world to back you, that's ok, we have something better; of the gold, the silver, and the brass, and the iron of heaven there is no number, and the Lord be with thee. Arise therefore, and be doing.  

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