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Morning Manna | 2 Chronicles 15:7 | Your work shall be rewarded

2 Chronicles 15:7

7 Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded.

These are words to King Asa, the first king in several generations who wants to follow the Lord. His willingness to follow the Lord is rewarded with a word from the LORD, from the prophet Azariah the son of Obed. These words must have been like water on dry ground, like bread to the hungry, because "for a long season Israel hath been without the true God, and without a teaching priest, and without law." [15:3]. So these words come to a man who is seeking the Lord and has a long way to go before the Kingdom is in right standing, but because he is drawing near to God, God is drawing near to him.  Perhaps some of us are in Asa's boots today, we have been given pastorate over a church that has long departed from the right paths, one man can make a difference, as did this King Asa. Or perhaps you're in some dark corner of the world where the culture is hardened against the Gospel and morality in general, you can make a difference, but these words of encouragement have within them some insights as to what it is going to take to gain the reward. 

If we hope to gain the reward promised then we will have to be strong. Many times the Bible gives this command, to be strong. It seems like something we either are or are not, how can one become strong? This is not speaking of physical strength but a different sort. Strength to continue on the right path, in the face of opposition, even if it means dethroning your own mother for her idolatry[15:16] Strength to tear down all the idols that your forefathers had set up [15:8]. Strength to gather to people and command them that we will no longer be on this destructive path of disobedience[15:8] Verse 8 gives us some insight as to what it is to "Be strong" It says "He took Courage," He didn't wait on it to come he took it, so it will be many times for those who want to see God work in their day. Elisabeth Elliot said, "Sometimes fear does not subside and we must do it afraid." That is faith and fear are in opposition, we have the choice to operate by faith in the face of fear, or we can operate by fear in the face of faith; Be ye Strong Therefore and do the right. 

"Let not your hands be weak" is a reminder that in the good fight of faith, there will be times that our hands will grow tired, but let them not grow weak. Like Elazer, that mighty man of David, may our hands grow tighter on the sword the longer we fight, until our hand is "clave unto the sword." Tired is permissible but weak is not. Sometimes when we have fought for so long we are tempted to give up the fight, this is not permissible! Our Lord went to Calvary beaten, bruised, cursed, pierced, and the work wasn't done, still, he had to continue into the 3 hours of darkness to finish his good work, his dying breaths were "It is finished," Then he gave up his life, but only when the work was finished. Paul fought a good fight, finished the course, he marched to the chopping block when the work was finished but not a moment before, he preached as a free man, and he wrote as an imprisoned man, he worked while it was day, and many others gave us an example of what it means to "Let not your hands be weak." 

Winners stage

If we will be strong and let not our hands be weak, then we have this promise. "For your work shall be rewarded." It says "Your Work," make no mistake this is your work, and there is a part for you to do, if you are a lazy man there will be no hope for you, the reward is for the laborer!' Then notice our next word, "Shall." Here is a divine promise that if we do our part he shall do his, this is the most clear language, the language of a contract, and God never breaks his word, Your work shall "Be rewarded." That is our last statement in this verse, "Be rewarded." All our labors will be paid, all our courage will be matched with comfort. If you'll do what he has asked you to do, if you'll bring back the people under your roof, your care, or your church, then you will be rewarded. The Nation experienced peace for the better part of thirty years and so can we be rewarded with peace in our homes, our marriages, our children, our lives, ministries, and churches if we will "Be ye strong, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded." 

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