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Morning Manna | Psalm 65:2 | Thou that hearest prayer

Psa 65:2  O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come.

Psalm 65 is a song of answered prayers and enjoyed blessings. It is a psalm of praise and of all the wonderful blessings in this psalm, this verse must be the greatest. We could say that the blessings we find in this Pslam flow, at least to some measure, from this verse. Although prayer is indispensable, and the tap from which all these blessings flow it is not the source. Prayer is the bucket let down into the well, it is the tap that gives out the water, but it is not the well. The Lord is the source. "O thou that hearest" is how our verse begins and that is where prayer begins. We live in a country where actual idolatry and paganism are still practiced, and men pray, and they pray with great zeal, with great discipline and great fervor but their prayers are of no avail because of who they pray to. Some pray to a statue of Mary, some to Peter, some to Ancestral spirits, some to Allah and all these prayers are worse than worthless but are sinful. Why? Because they pray to someone who never will nor could hear their prayer, no matter how loud they cry or how long they fast or like the prophets of Baal how much they afflict themselves.

We should thank God that we speak to the God that hearest prayer, Mark that word "Hearest." Not he that heard, or will hear but he that hearest. That is he heard yesterday, he hears today and he will hear tomorrow, there will never be a day that prayers ascend before the throne of grace that he does not answer according to His perfect wisdom and grace. Even if silence is our answer he has heard the petition and has deemed it best that we receive no answer at all. Some of the greatest prayers of the scripture are those short, weak prayers. I say that because in them we see the power of God in prayer and not man's power to pray. Peter sinking into the sea shouts two words from a heart filled with fear instead of faith and it is heard, Jabez prays a prayer we could pray in 30 seconds and it affects the rest of his life, Elijah calls down fire from heaven in a few short sentences. This is not because men have great power to pray, but because they are praying to a great God, his name is "Thou that hearst prayer."

Then annexed to this name of God we have a proclamation "unto thee shall all flesh come." Where else can flesh go? Who can we call on to calm the seas? Who can we call on to water the fields, or to clothe the pastures with flocks, most importantly who can we call on to forgive our sins? Sinner, Be encouraged this morning, His name is "Thou that hearest prayer." Be encouraged this morning sinking saint, his name is "Thou that hearest prayer." Wayward son, be encouraged this morning, his name is "Thou that hearest prayer." If the God of all will hear prayer, surely you are included in this all, "all flesh shall come." Even you, whoever you may be, come. If there is sin, come repenting "Iniquities prevail against me: as for our transgressions, thou shalt purge them away." Ps 65:3. If you are tossed about in the storm of your life come crying, he is the God "Which stilleth the noise of the seas, the noise of their waves, and the tumult of the people." Ps 65:7. No matter who you are if you are flesh come. There is coming a day when in a more actual sense all will come before the throne of him who answers prayers, Day and night the nations that are saved and their kings will bring glory and honor before "Thou that hearest prayers."

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