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Morning Manna | Pslam 65:6 | I shall not be moved

Psalms 62:6

6 He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved.

David was a man of war, well acquainted with the rocks and cliffs of Israel and the surrounding territories. He had spent many days hiding from Saul or using them as a defense and stronghold in some battle. Unsurprisingly, when David writes a song about the Lord, he uses the same imagery as what his life has known. So it is with farmers, they see God in the work they do every day, the scene of some sheep being led about brings to their minds how our Shepherd is leading us, "The Lord is our Shepherd". Somewhere a craftsman lays a rough piece of timber on his bench and begins to carve off the rough edges and suddenly he sees him selves as that rough piece of lumber in the master's hands, "We are his workmanship." This is David's state of mind as he recalls the goodness of God, He realizes that the Lord has been greater than any cave or fortress he has ever known.

He says "He only" There is no rock nor fortress that has kept us if it were not the hand of God who kept us in that rock. Men trust in strength but what is the strength of men when set against omnipotence? What is the cunning of man when set against omniscience? What are the multitudes of men when set against omnipresence? Truly He only can be trusted absolutely, because he is the only absolute in this world. The mountains that had been a fortress to David and had served for his salvation from many a fight will one day shake, one day they will melt away. Not even Everest can save on that Day, all the strengths of men and creation will be as nothing, yet those who have taken refuge in the Lord will be saved. Men will call upon the rocks and hills to fall upon them to hide them from the face of our redeemer, even if those rocks fell on them they could not hide them from the wrath of the Lamb. After their bodies were crushed their souls would still stand before him in the Judgment. Dear reader, He only is my rock and my salvation, there is salvation in none other, all other rocks, all other strengths, all other confidences will fail.

He only is my rock and salvation but also "He is my defense." Not only will he save me, but he is saving me now. David is not viewing the Lord as salvation for times of trouble, or Salvation for future events but he is presently defending him. It is true he will save us, but it is equally true that he is saving us/defending us. David had a battalion of men set on the walls of Jerusalem, I'm sure he had watchmen set on the peaks and hills leading up to Jerusalem, he had a defense network that watched and kept eye for trouble that may arise. Greater than the eyes in the hills to watch for the city of God, were the eyes over the hills, and mountains, and in every corridor, the ears that heard every whisper, that missed not even a single sneer. God who sees all and hears all and knows all was his defense. Not only in a military sense is he our defense but in a judicial sense, Jesus Christ the righteous is our Advocate. When the accuser of the brethren comes against us and condemns us Jesus Christ the righteous stands for us in the presence of God to defend us, to pardon us, his wounds cry pardoned, forgiven, justified, sanctified, soon to be glorified! A man could spend his life's wealth on defending himself, Men go to extreme cost to defend their properties and goods and men have wasted their families' inheritances on defending themself in the court of law, and no matter the strength of their defense, none are foolproof, except one, "He is my defense." If you have him as your advocate, as your defender, then the last phrase of this verse can be true, "I shall not be moved."

"I shall not be moved" is the result of the first part of this verse, "He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defense;" Dear reader if he is all your strength and you are looking and trusting in nowhere else for salvation and advocacy then you do not need to fear! You will not be moved, for you are anchored in the Rock, that never fades, hid with Christ in God! No matter the armies that rise against you, their numbers, or cunning, or strength, they are no match for the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God that we are hidden in. He is advocating for you now! He gives charge over his angels to watch for you now! He defends you now! I will not be moved now or ever! Safe and secure in Christ, have been, am now, and for eternity will be! "I Shall not be moved!" I believe I'll have a song in my heart today, "I shall not be! I shall not be Moved" "Anchored in Jehovah, I shall not be moved!" "Tho’ the tempest rages, I shall not be moved; On the Rock of Ages, I shall not be moved."

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