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Waking with The Word | Ephesians 5:1-2

Ephesians 5:1-2 1 Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; 2 And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour. This walk that we should be walking is a following walk and we are to walk this walk in love. When I first read this I wondered how a person walks in love, What does that mean? The first thing that came to my mind were the days that me and my wife were courting. We would walk together, hand in hand. I did not have to drag here along nor did she have to drag me along. We walked hand in hand and enjoyed each other’s conversation and often there was no words spoken at all. We were content to just be in each other’s presence, holding hands and fellowshipping with each other. As our relationship grew and we became more familiar with one another there were times that she would pull her hand from mine or vice versa because of some petty dispute and until the issue was resolved our walking in love was hindered. The day came when we were married and life progressed and we had children and without even noticing it we held hands much less than before, we took a lot less walks together. This slow digression did not happen all at once but little by little. We became so busy with the affairs of this life that we weren't taking time to walk in love, like we did at our beginning. Since then, we've learned that our relationship, home, and life in general is much better if we make time to walk in love. We are more at peace; our home is more at peace and it is a sacrifice of time but the dividends it pays far outweighs the sacrifice it requires. I have said all that to say this, that our walk with Christ is the exact same way. Do you remember the peace and comfort that you first had when Christ came and offered His love to you? I remember those days when His peace flooded my soul, I enjoyed His Word, His sweet presence, His Joy. In those early years of my salvation what wonderful fellowship there was as I walked in love with Christ, Hand in Hand with Jesus. Do you remember those days? Furthermore are those days just a faint memory? Has your walk in love faded? Maybe there was grievous sin that broke your fellowship, and it is still yet to be resolved. If you will go to Him and ask forgiveness I can assure that He faithful and just to forgive us of our sins. Maybe he withdrew from you because of something that offended him or perhaps you withdrew from Him because He didn't answer your prayer how you thought He should. Either way and for whatever reason, before this day ends make sure that you are restored to that joyful walk of Love. The Ephesian church was guilty of this crime, they had left their first love. They stayed true to doctrine and teaching, but their love had grown cold. As mine and my wife's relationship suffered at the hand of a busy life, so does our relationship and walk in Love with Christ. Be sure that you sacrifice time to walk in love as He has Loved you. It is a sacrifice of time but the dividends it pays far outweighs the sacrifice it requires. You'll find that your relationship, your peace, your joy and your life in general will benefit from this walk in Love with the Lover of our Souls. This walk in love reminds me of the Song of Solomon. One minute the Shulamite is searching after Solomon and the next He is searching for her. She longs for Him and He longs for her. There is a mutual love, desire, and passion one for the other. So is this walk in Love, at times I have hungered for Him and searched for Him and when I found him it was through much prayer and seeking that was driven by a heavenly longing to see Him and feel His sweet embrace once again. There have been times that I left him and through sin and grievances I departed. My love for Him had grown cold. In that time He came searching for me, he longed for me and sought me, and drew me back into His loving fellowship. Hallelujah for a relationship with Christ, one that has passion and desire and sweet fellowship. He would not leave me to myself and my own devises but came and loved me and forgave me while I was yet a sinner. Hallelujah what Savior! This love that we are to walk in is "Agape" or unconditional Love. He loves me unconditionally and that love is what should drive us to this walk. The very walk itself should be a walk in unconditional love, rest assured He loves you unconditionally. The question is your love for Him conditional or unconditional? Job's Love was unconditional, Paul's love was unconditional. These men loved Christ when every earthly comfort was taken from them. Peter, before He was converted had somewhat of a conditional love. He Loved Christ sincerely but not unconditionally. When the rubber met the road he denied Christ thrice and went out and wept bitterly because he realized he didn’t love Christ quiet as much as He thought he did. Remember though who it was that came to Peter and drew him back into fellowship and service, It was Jesus. Even though Peter's love for Jesus was faltering, Jesus' love for Peter was Agape' or unconditional. Peter’s love for Jesus from that day forward was of a higher caliber than before, so much so that history records Peter dying on a cross, His love before wouldn't take him to the cross of calvary but after He was strengthened his renewed walk in love was so strong that it took him to his own cross. That is where unconditional love for Christ takes us, to our cross. If you can love Christ even if it means the death of this body then that walk in love has been perfected as much as possible on this side of eternity; “No greater love hath any man than this that man lay down his life for his friends.” Do you have a spouse, Husbands we are to love our wives as Christ also loves the Church and gave himself for it. Any man worth his salt would lay down his life for his family if need be. The walk of love that we should desire should be one that would lead us right up to death's door, if need be. We should be willing to present our body's a living sacrifice, that is our reasonable service. As Christ gave Himself to us, all the way to the cruel death of the cross, we too should walk in agape love for Him, if that walk leads us to Africa, Albania or Alabama. If that walk leads us to suffering of our own crosses, and in the day that it requires that we lay down our life for the gospels sake, then rest assured he will walk us to deaths door, hand in hand with Jesus. Men have died at the stake while praising God. That is an unconditional love. Is your Love for Christ unconditional as His is for You? Let us walk in Love.

According to the Riches of His Grace!

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